Get the most out of your people through gamification.

We help you to face your most pressing challenges. Our turnkey approach is an excellent vehicle to concretize your strategic programmes. Via gamified crowdsourcing programmes, we support you to:

Boost energy & get buy-in
at levels unseen

Feel the temperature
Create awareness & buy-in
Bring about an energy & creativity boost

+30% of the invited community voluntarily participates in our projects
(benchmark taken across all projects in the past 5 years)

Grow global teamwork
on a scale you couldn't imagine

Engage more people, cross-silo
Raise entrepreneurs
Fuel an open, constructive debate

This project enabled us to address our growth & profitability targets. The results are fantastic and form a benchmark within our group. A big success!

President of a tier-1 global automotive supplier

Change & learn
with lasting impact

Action learning
Spread the corporate vision
Remove organizational barriers

On average, +3 departments or functions contribute to an idea
(benchmark taken across all projects in the past 5 years)

Create and uncover ideas
beyond the commonplaces

Find hidden gems
Harvest existing & new ideas
Inspire beyond the obvious

70% of the community launch at least one idea on the platform
(benchmark taken across all projects in the past 5 years)

Our application domains

Our game-changing way of working has already been applied in different domains, such as process improvement, product innovation, cost reduction, employee engagement, cultural transformation, solving product quality issues, developing new marketing propositions, finding way to fuel sales performance and so on. Click on the icons below to find out more about each domain.

Why gamification works

The project delivered on its promises. The ideas harvested were good, but the dynamics created were truly above expectations.
This project caused a genuine landslide!

Senior General Manager HR, EU Bank Branch

Home-designed game techniques and dynamics solve problems more effectively in professional contexts.
The advantages of gamification:

  •   thrives on passion and emotions
  •   engages large communities
  •   creates a risk-free environment through anonymity
  •   sets simple rules to align with the organization's objectives and initiatives
  •   makes daily work more fun, so people learn more quickly.

Competition driving
intrinsic motivation

eliminating fears

Game rules
steering dynamics

Fun stimulating
dopamine & energy

Our way of working

We deliver turnkey projects. We start by analysing your current needs and context. We take pride in going the extra mile to deliver, and in doing so flawlessly. Every project is fully tailored to your needs. We take care of the design and roll-out of your end-to-end gamified campaign, where online game formats are complemented with more traditional techniques and services. In most projects, the following stages can be found:

Our Inspiration Game and Venture Game formats are complemented with other gamified techniques to facilitate creativity and debate, such as planning poker and set-based design.

This projects outperforms any McKinsey project in terms of ROI!

CEO of a multinational Life Science company

    Explore and generate options via an Inspiration Game

  •   Enable a collective online brainstorming around specific challenges
  •   Generate options building on each other’s input
  •   Evaluate and assess the community’s ideas
  •   Get a portfolio of top ideas and ranking of distinguished players

    Elaborate & prioritize via a Venture Game

  •   Engage the company to collaborate and form multidisciplinary teams
  •   Focus and develop initial ideas into sharp one-pagers
  •   Judge and mentor on potential and feasibility to prioritize and derisk
  •   Decide collectively with implicit buy-in of the community