Breeding lean methods in ICT as a catalyst for cost reduction and customer satisfaction improvement

Breeding lean methods in ICT as a catalyst for cost reduction and customer satisfaction improvement


Breathing new life into a change program, creating short-term lead-time and cost reduction projects while securing buy-in for execution


Gamified project challenging the ICT department bottom-up to identify and elaborate new ways of working, focusing on the triple challenge of customer benefit, lead time and cost-to-serve


7 projects with a pay-back time of less than a year selected for further implementation


A leading postal operator with a single integrated network for domestic mail and parcels sends about 9 million letters and more than 126 000 parcels each day. At some point, the company felt the need for cost reduction and innovation initiatives, keeping customer experience in the centre of their activities. As they were facing several restructuring projects and fierce sector competition (email, new parcel services,...) they introduced the ONE Factory program to:

  • diminish the lead time to implement solutions with 20%,
  • reduce the overall costs with 20%,
  • while increasing service quality and customer satisfaction.

Great way to get to know new people, good way for management to discover talent (and hopefully involve them)

Participant Shape Our Future


Venture Spirit set up a venture game project, challenging the entire ICT community to identify and elaborate new ways of working, focusing on customer benefit, lead time and cost-to-serve. The gamified project Shape our future incorporated on-the-job experience via a bottom-up approach, fuelled by cross-ICT department collaboration to gain efficiency in handovers. The game aimed at creating more engagement for the ONE Factory transformation program. The participants actively identified new and fitting change initiatives on project methodology, working methods, and delivery or deployment.


The initiative offered every ICT employee a unique opportunity to become directly involved in optimizing their own day-to-day work by implementing constructive, practical ideas in a risk-free and fun way. Shape Our Future achieved significant business impact:

  • More than 50% of the target community across 9 departments engaged in the co-development of business plans
  • Spontaneous on-the-floor marketing campaigns to promote ideas, showcasing their eagerness to participate (and win)
  • 7 out of 35 projects, with a pay-back time of less than a year, were selected for further implementation


  • The leadership benefited from a gamified approach for not only injecting positive atmosphere during difficult times, but also improving current ways of working
  • HR got much needed support for a cultural and motivational boost during a heavy restructuring program
  • Several change agents and unique talents were identified to help enhance the current way of working
  • The participants appreciated they were given a voice and management attention. Powerful ideas were born through collaboration, pushing the restructuring atmosphere to the background