Sustaining and accelerating revenue growth through product and process innovation


Identify and prioritize new product and process innovations, improving both the top and bottom-line performance


Mobilizing a larger part of the organization in an engaging way across product groups, functions, regions, countries and sites


100 ideas created, 9 shortlisted, 4 winning teams implementing full-force as we speak; Project won the yearly internal communications award


Our client is one of the main players in thermal technology for automotive markets. With app. 20.000 employees and 3.6 B€ revenue, this company has a global reach and serves virtually all OEMs.

The market for automotive thermal technology is highly competitive. Despite commoditization and pressure on pricing and margins, the company has succeeded to increase its order intake for three consecutive years by differentiating itself through innovation. They called on Venture Spirit’s game formats to:

  • harvest, develop and select new initiatives that allow them to sustain and further accelerate their revenue growth, and improve their quality and cost competitiveness, through product and process innovations.
  • go beyond the usual Thermal Systems suspects for innovation and process excellence, stimulating intrapreneurship and exploiting the full innovation potential of the company

This is a smart way to turn the long historical and cultural deficit of the company into a positive, forward-moving way

Participant Innovation Game


Through the Innovation Game, we mobilized a larger part of the organization in an engaging way across product groups, functions, regions and sites. Together they identified and prioritized new product and process innovations, improving both the top and bottom-line performance.


613 employees actively participated in the game across company boundaries. Together they founded a stunning 100 virtual ventures, of which 9 were selected for the Grand Finale in the Velodrome in Paris. The executive board shortlisted 4 ventures for further exploration, and rewarded the winning team with a ticket to CES Las Vegas.

6 months after the end of the game, the 4 teams are still in the running, steadily delivering on all agreed milestones, working their way to business success. The Innovation Game won the internal Group award for "2016 best practice internal communications", because it has become a reference project inside the company on how to communicate and work with people within the organization to achieve something new together.

Even after the project closure, the Innovation Game remains a big topic of conversation. The game results were announced at the 2016 worldwide top management convention in Paris by the Business Group President. He went on stage holding the prototype of the winning team.


  • Strong executive involvement, which enthused the community to go the extra mile to create new ideas and evaluate their potential
  • The community was infused with a new passion for innovation
  • The dynamics of the game stimulated very positive and intense cross-silo collaboration, which allowed for high-value ideas and very good feedback from the community

Interesting to have vision on worldwide innovative proposals coming from different networks and not just from the usual suspects Participant Innovation Game</blockquote>