Increasing the product performance for a billion-dollar brand to improve customer value perception

Increasing the product performance for a billion-dollar brand to improve customer value perception


Improving customer value perception through product innovation to counter market share loss


Exploiting the company's human capital to discover and exploit valuable product technology opportunities through a collaborative game


Revealed 20 ideas for further exploration and three underlying technological mechanisms providing sustainable advantage or reinforcing the USP


An FMCG billion-dollar brand, focusing on the development and marketing of hard-surface cleaning products for consumers. These products are used in more than 50 million households worldwide, and they have revolutionized the way people clean.

Recently, the brand is losing market share to private label competition because of a drop in consumer product value perception. To counter this, there was a need to look for new technological concepts to improve their products’ functionality, extend their life time and reduce their cost, re-establishing their brand superiority.

More concretely, the following challenge was set up: 'How can we improve our product to either pick up more dust, to last longer, or to cost 30% less per usage than today, while staying true to its original product idea?

Thanks to the project, we were able to add several breakthrough ‘buckets of technology mechanisms’ to our list

Challenge Owner Spark Level Up


To tackle the challenge, the management was looking for a way to fully exploit its collective intelligence across product categories, geographical regions and functional entities. They invited Venture Spirit to kick-start a collaboration game, Spark Level Up, to help them address this challenge through use of their human capital, and this in only 3 weeks.


Through this inspiration game, 20 ideas for further exploration were generated. Our post-project synthesis revealed three underlying technological mechanisms that can establish sustainable advantage and/or reinforce the unique selling proposition. In the wake of the game, dedicated R&D teams were assigned to work on the different proof of concepts.


  • Potential roads forward discovered to regain market share and to leapfrog private label competition
  • Various new lines of thinking for technology differentiation introduced, expanding and reinforcing current R&D activities
  • Identifying technology gaps within the organization to connect to breakthrough technology solutions
  • Quick consumer feedback on practical ideas through small base testing
  • People were excited about the opportunity to pursue their own ideas and creativity for the advancement of the brand

Through this game, I could highlight my passion for an idea which I might not have been able to pursue because of the opinion of one manager who didn’t want to push it through in the past

Participant Spark Level Up