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Our approach

We leverage the power of proprietary tech and methodologies to scale & accelerate

Pushing the boundaries of proven practices

We look beyond classical approaches, into digital & next-generation approaches for
collective intelligence, data intelligence, group dynamics & problem dynamics.




Global networks &

ecosystems of 1000s

Entire  departments

& fields of 100s

Selected experts &

management teams

entrepreneurial teams

Virtual collaboration
& workforce enablement

demand & control

Internal presentations
& reports

Supplier & channel intel,
value chain & market reports

End customer signals,
startups & research

What happened
and why

What is happening
at the moment

What might & will
likely happen


Applying innovative methods to deliver fresh impact

We smartly engineer and integrate our proprietary tools and proven technologies into our services to deliver risk-free value for your organization.

Collective intelligence

Think scalable web platforms
to facilitate co-creation, collaboration and decision making
instead of large series of workshops with few selected experts

Group dynamics

Think gamification & collaboration
for true workforce commitment on new strategic lines
instead of another top-down change programme

Data intelligence

Problem dynamics

Think broader than your own business intelligence,
weak signals and smart data collection for smart decisions
instead of gut feel, ambiguity and assumptions

Think technology-enabled data & solutions
for full problem understanding & impact simulation
instead of blind trial & error

The promise: enable scale at viable expense

Smartly applying tech enables us to scale in reach and complexity fast, with limited resources and avoiding high costs.


Our proven recipe

Our tailored modular approach is a proven recipe for success.

& deliver

Accelerate strategy
& purpose to life


Every journey starts with drafting the full context of the challenge, constraints and impact. This map of the world serves as input for both the decision on methodology including accelerators as well as for the first sprint towards options and scenarios. A smart and tailored combination of tech, outside-in view and collective intelligence accelerates the road towards an endorsed solution and crafted strategy, validated by a broad range of stakeholders, which is primordial for buy-in.

Sharpen scope

Align on mission brief
for short, mid & 
long-term targets

Explore field of play

Outside-in view to fully grasp context and dynamics

Generate options

Generate & prioritize strategic options
and scenarios

Interpret insights

Elaborate, quantify
& prioritize opportunities

Craft strategy

Create synthesis, recommend scenario to facilitate decisions

Validate for buy-in

Check hypotheses, collect stakeholder feedback, finetune & prepare rollout


We leverage the value of people and tech combined, reaching true engagement on the implementation of the crafted strategy. Depending on the challenge, we apply gamification and co-creation techniques to enrich the solution at every level of the implementation. The result is a workforce willing to and even driving change from within, pulled forward by purpose instead of pushed by demand and control.

Design context

Connect purpose & challenge storyline

Mobilize & engage

Trigger intrinsic motivation

Inspire & step up

Ignite collaboration through gamification

Evaluate for execution

Validate initiatives & prepare implementation


Too many strategies get stuck in implementation. Building on the momentum and workforce engagement, we help you drive the change bottom-up. Depending on the context, reach and impact, we shape the necessary governance and boost execution towards tangible incremental results, applying agile principles in corporate settings.

Shape governance

Align on method & mindset

Boost execution

Ensure agile progress

Report impact

Guarantee successful results

Calibrate compass,
craft strategy & roadmap

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