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Venture Spirit is a consulting 2.0 firm, applying scalable tech-driven methods to outperform conventional approaches for tough problem solving in strategy, innovation and culture. Our methodologies are designed to accelerate towards intelligence and to guide complex dynamics, both people-driven and data-driven. We always aim to combine different perspectives and knowledge from hybrid audiences for deeper analysis and better solutions.


By design, our approaches balance business outcomes with lasting impact for people. On the one hand, all our client missions deliver tangible results in form of new insights and implementable solutions with MM$ potential value. On the other hand, less tangible benefits as rare talent spotting, future leader identification, hidden gems surfacing and a reinforced endorsement come as a bonus and are necessary for the implementation of solutions.

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Engagement Manager

Guide international companies, senior executives and their management teams to solve complex business challenges on, for instance, innovation & growth, cost reduction, process improvements, and entrepreneurial culture development. Gain experience in different industry sectors. Are you up for the challenge?

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