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Increased reach & engagement
by using tech platforms
to ignite a collaborative & entrepreneurial culture

Boost your corporate culture

We use the power of technology to engage global teams and boost collaborative & entrepreneurial cultures.

Energy & buy-in

Energized and committed employees are the backbone of a thriving organization.

Global teamwork

Connected organizations leverage in-house collective expertise to succeed.

Creative thinking

Inspiration comes with fresh insights; motivation comes with empowerment. 

Behavior change

A collaborative and dynamic culture emerges from shared values and purpose.

Why CultureTECH has made it

Several forces drive the need for technology-driven approaches that facilitate
and accelerate the ignition of collaborative and entrepreneurial cultures.

Digital revolution

Workplaces are being fundamentally transformed with digital tools taking over non-value adding tasks. This means work gets redesigned towards a blend of human & tech.

Changing markets

Rapidly changing markets require the continuous identification of new value for customers. Organizations therefore increasingly move from cost-driven to value-driven.

Changing workforce expectations

Workforces increasingly expect flexible working conditions to fit their personal needs. We move from 9 to 5 regimes in the office, towards flexibility in terms of time, space, contract and work design.

Beyond business processes

Employees search for purposeful work, broadening their view beyond business processes. Functional silos make room for cross-functional collaborations, organized in an agile and nimble way.

What to expect from CultureTECH

CultureTECH helps you mobilize and empower your people,
in a participative and bottom-up way.

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Ignite & spark the change

Connect, commit, mobilize, and motivate your workforce by raising awareness, acceptance, and understanding of change.


Grow networks of champions

Stimulate cross-boundary collaborations, give believers a floor, empower self-organizing teamwork, and recognize talent.


Achieve more, bottom-up

Surface hidden gems beyond what’s trivial and known by encouraging bottom-up insights sharing.


Live the values & purpose

Initiate a shared goal, foster constructive debates, stimulate a can-do mentality, and ensure transparent decision making.

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