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Technology-enhanced business consulting

business consulting

We leverage the power of tech to make your business and people thrive

We go beyond

the conventional

to solve 21st-century
strategic challenges

Nowadays, businesses operate in constantly changing environments, characterized by new types of challenges and opportunities in terms of strategy and corporate culture. The speed, complexity, and unpredictability businesses are confronted with, demand new approaches to win and thrive. 

This is exactly where we come in. We excel at solving problems for which established methodologies alone fall short. Our DNA, approach, and technologies give us an edge to go beyond the conventional.


High complexity

Many stakeholders

Uncertain forces

Hidden root causes

Hard-to-navigate signals

Potential disruptions


Volatile change rate

Faster actions on new reality

High-performing teams

Evolving corporate culture

Remote workforce

Dominant millennial workforce

21st-century strategic challenges

Venture Spirit's

reputed solutions


Beyond gut feel

Out of the box creative

Fast & adaptive

Fine-grained for weak signals


Predictive character

Ecosystem engagement

Agile way of working

Action learning

Successfully navigating fast-paced change

We are honored to work with executive client teams of global leaders
in several consumer-driven and engineering-driven markets.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Why clients choose us


Accelerated decision making

“We got a fast, objective, creative, and exhaustive view on what we’re really capable of as an organization, including the weak signals.”


Bottom-up engagement & empowerment

“Venture Spirit goes beyond crafting nice slides. They unite business & culture to bring the strategy to life, balancing top-down and bottom-up."


Ignition of a shared goal, overcoming complexity

“We now manage to connect people across functions, sites, and silos, which deliveres unprecedented results and a winning mindset. Win-win!”


Digital ways of working

“Venture Spirit’s approach, including its digital platforms, is a catalyst for the change message we want to spread in our organization.”


Ambitious targets, new directions

“We tried this radically different yet proven approach and discovered it was a game-changer to unlock our full potential."


Cross-industry perspectives

“In a fast-paced world, we need to remain sharp, agile, vigilant. Venture Spirit challenges us with key insights and fun dynamics.”

Venture Spirit Insights