Nourishing organizational culture using gamified new ways of working

Without exception, CEOs from the worlds leading companies agree that their single most important responsibility is to shape and reinforce the organization's culture. However, with today's organizational hierarchies and processes, this is a delicate, timeless, sometimes even cumbersome challenge where traditional top-down change methods fall short.

The right culture starts with articulating and embedding those values that are crucial to fulfill the company's purpose. It determines how every single coworker treats and works with peers, how they strive for the same goals, and how they build a powerful mindset in the service towards the customer.

So, executive leadership is purpose-driven servant leadership. That means, leadership aims to adjust the organization to their rapidly changing business environment by creating and sustaining a culture of agility, responsiveness, boldness.

THE key success factors to realize this step-up are empowerment, integrity and employee development at all levels within the company. Let's be honest, this seem trivial. But to say it with a famous quote: "in theory, theory and practice are the same, in practice they are not…" That is what we do at Venture Spirit: ignite a new way of working in a fun way, helping executive leadership to get more out of their people, transforming the organization and accelerating to the next level of performance.