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CASE - Establishing a more collaborative and customer-centric innovation culture

A challenger to the market leader in the animal health sector develops innovative solutions to allow the agricultural sector to effectively increase productivity in a safe and sustainable way. Although its established innovation processes have proven their merits, the management feared to miss out on valuable growth opportunities because of their somewhat rigid nature. Instead of highlighting the value that potential innovations can bring to the market and the customer, too often, the focus was on risk- avoidance. Aspiring to further strengthen their competitive position in key markets through organic growth while at least maintaining profitability levels, the management wanted to smartly accelerate innovation efforts and improve the overall customer orientation.

"This project outperforms any McKinsey Project in terms of ROI!" - CEO of the company


The company's animal health division wanted to establish a more open, collaborative, and customer- centric innovation culture, where valuable initiatives get the visibility and attention they deserve. They teamed up with Venture Spirit to roll out a targeted game campaign to help reaching these objectives, and to provide an opportunity to make innovative potential surface.

Venture Spirit launched Dare2Innovate, an open innovation call to the global organization, resulting in a voluntary uptake across functions surpassing 20%, with participants in more than 50 operating countries, and a team size of up to 9 employees finding it worthwhile to collaborate on this shared goal.


Participation exceeded expectations: 669 employees entered the game, together producing 66 potential initiatives. 5 teams were invited to pitch their idea at the final event during the yearly Management Convention in Barcelona. The winner received a blank cheque, symbolizing the full commitment of the management to proceed with evaluation and implementation. 8 other ideas were assigned to project teams with dedicated senior management sponsors.

"The anonymous environment brought diversity into the teams and provided an opportunity for straight and honest feedback" - Participant Dare2Innovate


  • Early detection of decentralized innovation initiatives, allowing for a quick assessment, banking on the expertise of many, and subsequent reprioritization

  • Repositioning the customer at the center of innovative thinking

  • A clear signal to the involved stakeholders that more risk-taking, be it in a calculated way, is perfectly acceptable, rather desirable

  • Soliciting direct contribution to innovation and the company's future growth even beyond day-to-day core tasks and focus

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