Putting the Power of Play to work

Putting the Power of Play to work

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, how do you start embedding gamification in your organization? How can you fit it into a running transformation programme?

Setting the scene

It’s all about finding an answer to the following five questions:

  1. Which part of your business/organization could benefit most, now?
  2. Where are you today in the transformation cycle?
  3. What do you want to achieve with your employees? How do you want to balance top-down and bottom-up?
  4. What type of relevant and compelling output will you ask your people to come up with?
  5. How can this be translated in the right challenge for the right audience, with the right guidance?

Determining the state of play

Situating an organization in the transformation cycle typically requires some insightful discussions with the senior management and the transformation offices. These conversations are key to determine the right state of play, because they allow:

  • to crystallize the vision and to set the key priorities straight with the management involved,
  • to identify agents, ambassadors and believers to create support for the transformation,
  • to pursue short-term success showcases,
  • to detect structural barriers to remove in the mid-term, and
  • to anchor the transformation via temperature monitoring.

Exhibit 1: The transformation cycle and its key elements

Another crucial matter is the type of output you want your employees to come up with. Venture Spirit’s gamified approaches are often called upon to deliver well-elaborated plans to improve the future of the organization in a very concrete way. To be able to shape that future, it is key to first investigate the current situation, whether this means assessing the customer experience across several touchpoints, or trying to rationalize an overly complex IT application landscape.

Exhibit 1: Different types of output, depending on maturity vs. timing

Connecting the dots

Before committing to any transformation impact, Venture Spirit engages with its customers in several exploratory sessions, to challenge current thinking, and to facilitate the scoping process. Deep understanding of a specific customer situation is crucial when asking for a certain level of trust to pursue a full transformation with the people in that organization.

Because to be able to deliver unprecedented results by connecting and growing the people, one needs to connect the transformation imperatives first!

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