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Faster insights
using scalable technology
for tough problem solving

Accelerate on strategic challenges

We leverage the value of digital & technology
to accelerate & scale on strategic challenges.

Innovation & growth

Product, business model & technology innovation for growth beyond known horizons

Cost & process

Cost reduction & end-to-end process optimization beyond existing constraints

Core business

Keep focus and expand core by successfully combining exploitation & exploration

Why StrategyTECH has made it

Several forces drive the need for technology-driven approaches that scale and accelerate the road towards solutions for strategic battles. 

VUCA world

The volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the current business reality cannot be grasped in a conventional way. Other approaches are needed that allow for faster & finer insights.

Digital revolution

There has been a technological revolution in the world but not yet in the world of strategy building. It’s time for strategy building to embark on the revolution.

Beyond the conventional

Data- & tech driven strategy is much more powerful than legacy process-driven approaches. We bridge the gap between strategic challenges and data & tech.

What to expect from StrategyTECH


Identify adjacent and break-out growth

Unlock growth beyond known horizons, banking on core competences, building stations & satellites while in stratosphere


Boost product, technology & business model innovation

Craft innovation that optimizes the risk-reward balance,
validating countless possibilities & opportunities of life in space


Identify trigger points & end games of disruptions

Discover deep and broad disruptions at the same time, 
fishing for weak signals & extra-terrestrial activity


Unlock cost savings & continuous improvement

Throughout end-to-end supply chain & operations,
streamlining the rocket operations


Improve & re-imagine processes

Go beyond known constraints to design fresh, out-of-the-box and optimal ways of working


Defend, expand & grow your core business

Defining your mission brief, scanning the entire field of play, identifying the design to win with the most promising gear for exploitation & exploration

Finer analysis

Novel intel

Accelerated decisions






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